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Welcome to our community!

New to CrossFit?  This is how to get started with us.​

Visit us for a free workout to see what we are all about!  Then, enroll in one of our Basics Programs.


Why Basics? We require that all new clients attend a group of 8 one-hour classes plus 1 group introductory classes where the fundamental movements that make up CrossFit are taught.


These classes are a combination of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, running, rowing, and plyometrics skills that we incorporate into our fun and challenging WODs (workout of the day). Classes work best when taken in sequence as programmed. Classes will meet twice a week and will be instructed by a CrossFit certified instructor. The one hour classes will consist of a warm up, technical movement instruction and practice, plus a CrossFit workout designed for your ability level which you will do at your own pace.


Please contact us for start dates of the next Basics Class!


Want to know more about CrossFit?  Click here for a good introduction.


We look forward to having you become part of our dynamic community!

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