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Nov 20/20.

The gym will remain open moving forward with a few significant changes for the next 2 weeks (minimum) after the new restrictions from the B.C. health minister today. Masks must be worn the entire time you are in the gym. The programming will look different. There will be no WOD's only strength and skill movements. We are eliminating the " High Intensity" portion of our program to meet these guidelines. This could change at any point in time and I will do my best to keep anyone updated.

Strength: Clean and Jerk

1 rep MAX

Core: 9 Min EMOM:

1- 25 Sit-ups

2- 50 sec Flutter Kicks

3- 50 sec Plank

10/15 Push-ups

15 BB rows

x 4 ( not for time, QUALITY )

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So glad you will be open. Thank you for making the changes

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
20. Nov. 2020

Thanks Brent for adapting to these changes. Glad you can stay open!

Gefällt mir
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