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Gym Update.

Good morning. I just wanted to reach out and give everyone an update regarding the newest gym restrictions released last week and yesterday. Our gym will continue to be open and running classes under an " Open Gym " format. We currently meet and exceed all guidelines set by PHO. I will continue to set up workout plans to be completed individually. The board each day will offer 2 strength options, a BB complex, a core, a gymnastic component and 3 different WOD's to choose from. You can either pick something off the posted options or come in with your own plan. Unfortunately the weightlifting classes and yoga class will be suspended until May. Please take a moment next time you enter the gym to review our COVID policies and procedures. Thank you to everyone that has continued supporting the gym through this pandemic, I appreciate each and everyone of you tremendously. Your support has been invaluable to me throughout this period of time.

Thanks Brent

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You’re doing an amazing job Brent with keeping everything going! I have loved coming to the gym throughout the pandemic and always feel safe there. Having many different workouts on the board to choose from every day has been great!!

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