Sat Oct 25

(Sorry Vasili, no photo today)


Partner WOD:


25:00 AMRAP
Start with a partner 1-mile run with a med. ball 20/14#...each pair will have 1 med. ball to share on the run, you may switch who carries the ball.


Then, for the remainder of the 25:00, earn as many points as possible...1 partner working at a time, one barbell at 135/95:


Deadlift = 1 point
Power Clean = 2 points
Squat Clean = 3 points
Clean & Jerk = 4 points
Squat Clean Thruster = 5 points
Snatch = 6 points


*Score is total points between both partners.
*Choose a weight that you can potentially perform ALL movements!  Do not choose a weight that will only allow you to deadlift the entire time.


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February 16, 2018

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